Physical Marketing

In response to the early signs of the shale revolution, we created the physical marketing unit.

Knowing the hydrocarbon stream would significantly outpace the development of the midstream infrastructure, we saw the need for a comprehensive, firsthand view of individual basins, as well as an understanding of how the capacity landscape will transition.

  • We actively seek the highest possible net back via field optimization activities, direct product upgrades, and development of downstream market opportunities.
    • We dig deep by evaluating lease information, exploring logistics/transportation alternatives, and analyzing counterparty/market upgrades
  • ARM provides a full fleet of producer services from the wellhead to market, including:
    • Managing the process of gathering exchanging and pooling agreements; and balancing nominations and statement reconciliation
    • Tracking real-time production reports, invoicing, and confirmations

ARM’s team markets crude oil/condensate, natural gas, and natural gas liquids for producers in the majority of producing basins throughout the United States. ARM leverages the industry knowledge and experience of its staff to offer a wide variety of reliable and competitively priced energy marketing/management services to its clients delivering tangible value. We offer a transparent marketing alternative to its clients through a wide array of transactions including acting as first purchaser agent for clients, where we determine the client’s needs and then create a mutual plan, aligning ARM’s efforts with the client’s needs.

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